Moose Hill Welcomes You!

We are thrilled you found us!

So many of you have commented on our shop’s decor that we’ve decided to bring you a blog that will offer you tips and tricks that will inspire your creative side, (yes,  you have one!)  which will help you  acheive a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your own home or perhaps even spark an idea that will lead you to create something spectacular on your own!

When we merchandise our store,  we aren’t simply trying to sell you a product,  but we are striving to make you feel like you have walked into your own home.    We use techinques and ideas that can be easily incorported into your own space with products and elements that you may already have in your home.  You just needed a little imagination to pull it all together.    So,  not only can you find unique and creative home decor within our shop,  but now you’ll be able to have a little help in displaying those products as well as learning a trick or two when it comes to helping you create an atmosphere in your own home that will having your family never wanting to leave.  ( That is a good thing, right?)

So,  we would be honored if you’d add us to your list of followings and we would be thrilled to count you among our circle of friends.  Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us with an idea or if you simply would like more information on any of products or our store.  Here at Moose Hill,  you may enter as strangers,  but you will leave as friends.  We insist.  =)

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